REAL CSR - Corporate Social Investment (CSI) 

We are the leading experts in connecting business with the growing Sport for Development market. Sport for Development is not about winning or losing in a competitive situation, it is about using the massive power of sport to change lives and to bring different communities together. Many of our clients argue that this is the real purpose of sport – to build not divide – and they realise that investing into Sport for Development is as true a reflection of REAL CSR, or  Corporate Social Investment (CSI) as we believe it should be referred to, as there can be. We help our clients to identify and support the right community sports organisations which change lives for good, often at the heart of society’s margins and this, in turn, has a massive emotional and cultural impact on their own business. 

Whilst a good CSI programme is aimed at many different audiences our clients invariably ask us to come up with a plan which impacts in their own people first and foremost. Using Sport for Development as a platform for creating meaningful and long lasting employee engagement activities is one of our core skills. We understand what it can mean to the employees of an organisation to participate in programmes which are life-changing for the participants and we see its power to bring employer and employees together like nothing else.