Sports charities

There is increasing pressure on sports charities to raise revenue from channels other than donations and Beyond the Stadium has worked with many to help create strategies to increase income from other sources. Our consultants, working on reduced rates as our own contribution to the cause, help sports charities to create commercial strategies which generate income from corporate sponsorship and partnerships, events, data rental, volunteering, seminars and workshops and venue hire. The sports charity sector has so much more to offer to the business community than it realises and those that work hard to build credible win-win partnerships with the corporate world are the ones who will survive and grow in what is a very crowded and fragmented market.

On the other side of the coin we work with a number of business organisations to help them maximise their charitable work by seeking out commercial ROI that they may not have previously thought of. Not all organisations want to seek a return on what they do with charities but many do and these are the businesses we work with. Our view is clear – investing shareholder funds into a charity is perfectly reasonable but the investor should look for an acceptable ROI. This ROI can come in the shape of increased staff engagement, customer interaction, improved corporate and brand reputation, evidence of CSI or simply from creating a powerful PR platform. What is evident to us is that the best sports charities realise that they have a range of marketable assets for corporate organisations to benefit from and they would prefer an equitable business relationship with their supporters where they have more control over their own destiny, than one where they rely on goodwill and patronage. It is the most effective way forward for the growing sports charity market.