Charlton Athletic Community Trust celebrates 25years

If Carlsberg did Community Football........It would (probably) be called Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Charlton Athletic Community Trust 


25 years ago, as Charlton Athletic Football Club returned to the Valley, together with the Professional Footballers Association, a trust was set up to deliver community football in the local area. Charlton Athletic Community Trust was born.

From its humble start with a few bags of kit, some balls, sessional staff and volunteers, fast forward 25 years to see a Trust with 95 permanent staff, over 100 sessional staff, delivering programmes to thousands of people across London, the South East and South Africa!

This is a Trust that never stands still, continues to grow year on year, and can not only say how good it is, but can prove it! Acting and thinking like a business is one of the key success factors for the Trust. After extensive research and professional support its can now demonstrate a Social Return on Investment, the numbers are really quite impressive!

£5.5m Investment
£31.3m Net benefit
1: 6.89 Social Return on Investment

The Trust now delivers and measures across a broad range of National targets and activities including; Education & Employment, Health Improvement, Reducing Crime, Mental Health, Disability, Equality Diversity & Inclusion, Sport for Development, Social Action & Enterprise and Youth Services.
Its continued growth and success means even more opportunity to change peoples lives through the power of sport, and further opportunity for businesses to invest, support and jointly celebrate positive social impact! Beyond the Stadium is proud to be working with the Trust in actively sourcing business investment and engagement, get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.


As part of its 25 year celebrations the Trust is hosting a charity concert at Indigo at the O2 with X Factor winner Louisa Johnson.

Why not start your journey to support the Trust by purchasing tickets for its 25th year Anniversary Concert?

You could purchase a number of tickets, to be donated to your chosen community group or charity. Beyond the Stadium in partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust are offering special discount deals (up to 25% off ticket price), to organisations and businesses wishing to do this, with all proceeds going direct to the Trust. It will be a great night out for your chosen recipients, great support for the Trust, and a great CSR story for your business! If you are interested in purchasing tickets then please get in touch

Beyond the Stadium is very proud to be working with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, if you are a business, in any sector , there will be an investment opportunity for you. We will work with you to identify the key drivers for your business and show you how to monetise your investment to make a genuine return.

Get in touch if you would like to find out how.

Calling all business leaders #SLEEPOUT for The Street Soccer Foundation

Beyond the Stadium is a business development and marketing consultancy which helps businesses to connect with the massive world of grassroots and community sport for commercial benefit.
Our aim is to encourage the business world to invest into grassroots, community and the growing, and socially significant, Sport for Development sector. There are huge returns on financial and social investment to be gained in this market for a fraction of the cost of elite sport.
We also aim to help thousands of sports organisations that exist beneath the elite level to grow and sustain themselves for the future. We do this by providing a wide range of organisations with information and advice on their commercial strategies.

Spotlight on Street Soccer 


Street Soccer is an inspirational charity utilising the power of sport to positively change the lives of homeless young adults. The results are amazing!


  • Homelessness is an isolating and destructive experience, especially for youths, who are the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.
  • The Street Soccer Foundation wants to help and see an end to youth unemployment in the UK through sport.
  • In England the number of young people (aged 25 and under) who are homeless has tripled since 2014 and more than 1 in 7 young people are currently unemployed and in need of our help.
  • A core reason for becoming homeless is attributed to the relationship breakdown from being long-term unemployed.


The foundation supports unemployed young people into sustained employment (or other suitable progressive pathways), through a 10-week academy programme.

The nationally acclaimed Street Soccer Academy currently operates in London and the South East of England, supporting a number of socially good causes. 

A 10-week programme includes weekly sessions of football coaching and skills to succeed through employability-driven workshops, with mentoring support offered throughout. During the course, young participants will develop vital employability and work-readiness skills such as:

  • Communication, Organisation, Goal-setting, Personal budgets, Team-working, CV-writing, Job  search, Presentation skills, Interview techniques…  and more.

The Street Soccer Academy has featured on the BBC’s Match of the Day show. 

Jodie, who feature in the clip, is one of the many success stories, after attending the Street Soccer Academy as a 19-year old who lived in temporary sheltered accommodation in Kent.  After graduating from the course Jodie appeared in the BBC interview, and went on to represent England at the Homeless World Cup in 2016.

Street Soccer can only exist and grow with the help of community partners, business supporters and professional football club delivery partners. The foundation is thrilled to be working with Beyond the Stadium in order to help raise awareness and attract new investment for our inspirational programme.



The nationally acclaimed charitable organisation, The Street Soccer Foundation, has today announced it is to host its first ever #SLEEPOUT in Kent later this summer, at the home of Gillingham FC, Priestfield Stadium.

The Foundation is calling on all business leaders, community leaders, owner/managers and executives, plus anyone who thinks they can raise a significant amount of money, from across Kent and the South East who want to help fight homelessness & poverty and youth unemployment across the region. The aim is to encourage a coming together of local business communities to help raise money and awareness by sleeping outdoors for one night: raising sponsorship from their business contacts and friends.

The Sleepout is planned to take place on Saturday 30th June at Priestfield Stadium from 7pm and business leaders are encouraged to sign up to take part to swap their suit for a sleeping bag and a Street Soccer survival kit come the night.

To register your interest and for more information please click the link

Beyond the Stadium is very proud to be working with Street Soccer and is actively looking for businesses (from any professional sector) who would like to invest. Beyond the Stadium have a dedicated team who will work with you to further identify the key drivers and show you how to monetise your investment to make a genuine return. 

Get in touch if you would like to find out how.

Taking the Tick box out of CSR

CSR is a globally recognised acronym in the business world, and is widely understood to be something all businesses, whether corporate or SME, should have. Many businesses will have a CSR statement, policy, strategy, or programme.

When asked for their CSR policy, most businesses will make straight for their HR team, who will furnish them with a wonderfully written document. This may link to a number of regulated environmental and social policy documents, and seek to demonstrate how the company meets and aims to exceed a range of targets, box ticked!

It is our belief that the acronym CSR should be immediately replaced with a far more thought provoking acronym, CSI, and you should be heading to your sales and marketing team, to find this.

Now before you enter the realms of white paper suits, this CSI has only one crime to investigate, why your business is not harnessing the power of Corporate Social Investment (CSI), instead of merely ticking the CSR box.

Corporate Social Investment is a real and genuine business advantage and opportunity. The power and impact of social investment, can and will give a demonstrable ROI, if it is managed, nurtured and woven into the DNA of your business, rather than a tick box tool.

Not convinced yet? Well the story CSI creates is the convincer, and its power and impact can, and in our opinion, should be monetised to in tandem, harness the power and extended its reach and impact further on your business and the community.

We are in the business of Sport for Development, creating partnerships and programmes across the business world, that invest in sport (particularly grassroots), that truly do change individuals lives and communities.

Its a truly inspirational sector, that demonstrates a measurable impact on areas such as Health, Well-being, Crime, and Social Inclusion to name but a few. The stories that business investment in this sector brings are the magic to making CSI work, but the business needs to think beyond just writing a cheque, and into the wider realms; including employer engagement, support, mentoring, publicising etc. Its not all one way “give” traffic, but the more its treated as an investment rather than a tick box, the greater the mutual benefits emerge.

Our business clients embrace CSI in the Sport for Development sector. The stories of the individuals lives or the communities changed through and as a direct result of business investment are undeniably powerful. The businesses that made these happen should be shouting it from the rooftops, not popping it in a tick box CSR statement.

So come on lets change thinking on tick box CSR, lets champion CSI, and encourage more businesses to stand out from the crowd by investing in Community.